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Your authentic Indonesian sambal originated from Semarang City itself. Their Sambals are ready-to-eat. Uniquely different than your commonly found sambal belacan. There is a distinct flavour that is perfect in between the mid spiciness and the sweetness naturally derived from the fragrant onions.

You can use it as a condiment or even as a base for your cooking. The ideas are endless on how you can have our Sambals. 😊 Premium ingredients as well as Canola Oil is used for a healthier option, because we care. 🥰 No preservatives used so always, always refrigerate your Sambals and use a clean dry spoon each time you scoop out your Sambals.
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Samrang was able to gear their kitchen with Automated Noodle Boiler, Combi Oven and Rotary Wok to mass produce their cuisines and sambals!  By using the funds provided by Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), they were able to claim this automated equipment up to 80%!!! Do check out more about it here:

Productivity Solutions Grant

Automated Noodle Boiler and Rotary Wok