Durian Villa
Durian Villa
Durian Villa
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Durian Villa

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Our durians are sourced directly from our family owned durian plantations that allow us to get you the best deals!


We know our durians are of the best quality. But on the off chance that you do get a bad durian, we will replace it for you for free!


Here to get you your quick durian fix with our durians sourced fresh! We provide islandwide and same day deliveries.

Direct From Our Family Plantations

Sourced directly from our own family-run durian plantation in Pahang Malaysia, our quality control from cultivation to transport is definitely at its best.

With over 25 years experience, we know what it takes to grow the most creamy, tender and fleshy durians for you. Indeed, most of our durians pass the most stringent checks with very little wastage.

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