Energy Efficiency Grant (EEG)

The Energy Efficiency Grant (EEG) targets to assist businesses that are in Food Services, Food Manufacturing and Retail sectors to combat rising electrical costs through the use of energy efficient equipment. Here in Superior Kitchen, we provide energy efficient refrigerant for application. Do WhatsApp us at +65 9151 9054 or walk in to enquiry for more details.

Who is Eligible for the Grant?

  • Business entity that are registered in Singapore with valid SFA license under Food Service, Food Manufacturer and Retail companies.
  • Has a minimum of 30% local shareholding
  • employ at least one local employee at the firm-level
  • Company’s Group annual sales turnover should not be more than S$500 million or Company’s Group employment size should be no more than 200 employees.
  • Equipment purchased must be used in Singapore


  • Manufacturing companies that are classified under SSIC 10 to 32 (including Food Manufacturing)
  • Food Services companies with valid Singapore Food Agency (SFA) licences and classified under SSICs 56 or 68104
  • Retail companies that are classified under SSIC 47


Note that SME is defined as having:

  • Group Annual Sales Turnover of no more than S$100 million; or
  • Group Employment Size of not more than 200 workers

Application Date & Info

  • Companies can start applying from 1st Sep 2023 to 31st Mar 2026.
  • Companies will have up to 1 year from the time an application is approved to purchase and install equipment and submit for reimbursement.


**Note: Only whitelisted equipment are eligible for claim, do refer to EEG's website for the latest updates on the grant information.

Source:EEG Official Website