Food Warmer / Egg Tart Warmer / Rice Warmer / Steamer

Soup Warmer – Soup warmer is a multitalented commercial equipment, which helps to keep the all types of soups warm and ready to serve. Typically, this equipment is suitable for carting or buffet purposes.

Egg Tart/ Food Warmer Display – The Commercial Food warmer with glass display impulse the sales as it assures food displayed at the safe temperatures for customers to consumes. All cooked foods should be held at a minimum of 135 degrees Fahrenheit after cooking. Temperatures at or above this level have been scientifically proven to eliminate the growth of bacteria that cause foodborne illnesses.

Bain Marie - Bain Marie is a kind of warmer in stainless steel matter, ensuring the pre-cooked food can be hold at a correct temperature perfect to eat during an extended period of service.  Basically, it is a hot water tub holding inner small pots to filled with pre-cooked food like gravy, sauces, rice.