Stainless Steel Table / Sink / Cabinet / Rack

Stainless Steel –Stainless steel is usually steel that has been mixed with other elements to improve its properties. Think of stainless steel as a material that is mixed with the best of other materials to make a perfect final product.

Before you buy a stainless steel, you need to consider some aspects to make your purchase worthwhile

  1. The Grade of the stainless steel- #304 is regarded as the best grade for S/S. This grade means that the steel is 18/18 S/S and made up of a least 50% iron.
  2. Thickness of Material – Thicker S/S items means more sound-absorbent, less thick means more sounds.
  3. Finishing of the item -Finish refers to the surface of the stainless-steel material. A mirror finish has a polished look to it and feels smooth. You can also opt for a matte look where the surface looks “brushed” rather than smooth.
  4. #201 Grade Stainless Steel are softer metal and less rust resistance but can be found at a much affordable pricing.

With the exception of polished mirror finishes, you will be able to notice the grain direction of a stainless-steel sink which results from the finishing process.

Stainless Steels Sinks – are a good choice for just about any kitchen thanks to its array of good qualities. To cater all the essentials needs of every commercial food service kitchen in Singapore, we Superior Kitchen Equipment Pte Ltd offers a handsome range of stainless-steel equipment.

Stainless Steel Tables – In the food industry the significance of food preparation never be understated. Eye pleasing dish before serves on dining table must go through a rigorous process along with prep table. Thus, prep tables are considered one of the cornerstones of the kitchen and that’s why kitchens should never go without it. Most importantly why these kitchens require stainless steel tables and racking, it is SFA requirements and handy to use and clean.

Kitchen tables can be prepared by different material, but the most cost efficient and common type used is Stainless Steel. The alloy is resistant to corrosion and bacteria, which makes it the best material for prep tables.

Racks – Another potential addition to the kitchen or preparation space is the Racking (varieties of tiers). These racking provides additional storage. The key to choosing the right stainless steel prep table depends on getting the right supplier to do the job.

Cabinets/ Drawers – Stainless Steel Base Cabinets are suitable for all kinds of kitchen work-zones. Stainless Steel Cabinets are also compatible with a wide variety of accessories and are available in multiple standard heights, depths, and variable widths.