Refrigerators / Chiller / Freezer

Commercial Fridges – When it comes to storing the product you’ll use in your menu preparation, the best advice is to play it cool — and more importantly, keep it cool. Our all refrigerator designed to withstand Singapore weather and the relentless demands of our local F&B industry. Being the most essential component of any food service business, regardless it is operating a food truck, a dining hall or a 5-star restaurant. 

2 Doors / 4 Doors / 6 Doors Full Stainless Steel Upright Commercial Fridge and Refrigerator – These fridges come in the form of full chiller, full freezer and combination of chiller and freezer in a single unit.  2 / 4 / 6 -door full commercial fridges / refrigerator is not only good enough for those uninterrupted space F&B business but also foster confined space F&B business to store their essential stock at ease, as they come with a space-saving built, stock is easily organised. Lower temperature lowers the rate of reproduction of bacteria, so these commercial chiller and freezers reduce the rate of spoilage. This solid door refrigerator has a stainless-steel interior and exterior. These refrigerators are perfect for the food service industry, giving your commercial kitchen a reliable beverage cooler and refrigeration for food storage.

Countertop / Undercounter Chiller and Freezer - Countertop Freezers and Chillers come in various shapes and design, as hospitality industry is too vast with different sectors. Undercounter chiller/ freezer sized from 0.9m to 1.80m length are basically designed for F&B establishments. These comes in the form of full chiller, freezer and combination of half chiller and half freezer in a single unit. They also come in the form of single door, 2-door, 3-door.

Glass Display Upright Chillers/ Freezer – Our commercial display chillers/ freezer with anti-fog and heated frame is the perfect choice to display chilled drinks and beverages. These types of display fridges help the business-like grocery stores, supermarket, or bakeries to maximise their sales by displaying their food items. We at Superior Kitchen Equipment Pte Ltd offers various types of display chiller and freezers in sizes and styles such as 1-Door, 2-Door, 3-Door with in-built fan technology which helps to circulate the air.

Sliding Glass Chest freezer – Top glass chest freezers with see-through presentation succour to upmarket your prominent products.  They come in the form of curve or rectangle façade.

Flip top Chest Freezer – These type of chest freezers mainly designed for storing purpose and used in supermarkets and minimarts.

Mala Lok Lok Freezer/Chiller – This type of freezer/chiller set out the purpose of displaying meat and vegetable served on skewers. Comes in standing and tabletop design, ensuring all size of commercial set-up or start-up can promote their businesses.  They usually come in the form of full chiller or top chiller and bottom freezer.

Blast FreezerBlast Freezer are that kind of typical freezer which rapidly brings down the temperature of (usually) foodstuff or fresh produce, freezing them very quickly. Widely utilized in frozen food industries for things like preparing meals, ice creams, veggies, or fish. Numbers of commercial kitchens use it for different purposes.

Why blast freezing is very popular in commercial food preparation areas? Blast freezing also offers a health and safety benefit in that extreme cold slows down the growth of bacteria. Provided that the food is handled safely and then put into the freezer immediately after preparation, there is a greatly reduced risk of contamination. Maximum temperature dropping range -40 degree Celsius.