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Dough Mixer Standing & Tabletop – Commercial mixers are most fruitful and versatile kitchen equipment one can invest in! With upgraded innovative features and accessories from belt drive technology to bowl guard those standing planetary mixers play indispensable role in bakery domain. Whether you're a pizza shop that mixes hundreds of pounds of dough a day, or you're a cake specialist. Whereas those tabletop dough mixers are more suitable for small quantity users especially those start-ups bakery businesses.

Commercial Oven – Ovens have become integral part of every kitchen setup regardless it is a household or commercial kitchen. But what are ovens actually!!?? Ovens are machines where we just set the temperature and position the food on the rack and wait appropriate amount of time. Commercial Ovens are designed to handle the stress and strain of frequent, everyday use unlike those house ovens use twice or thrice a day. Moreover, commercial ovens conform the health and safety codes required by any size of food business also, render passive part of food preparation.

Types of Commercial Ovens.

Ovens without fan or Standard Ovens - These are simplest commercial oven, featuring a heating element in the bottom or upper of oven transmit heat into body of the oven, additionally these ovens are pocket friendly too.

Convection Oven – What makes convection oven stand out from standard commercial ovens is its air circulating feature, these convection commercial ovens equipped with inbuilt fans which circulate the air evenly as higher air velocity promotes faster heat transfer which allows the food to cook faster. Convection oven provides more consistent cooked food by preventing formation of hot or cold spots in the oven. Convection ovens have become essential part of every commercial kitchen due to its reliability and versatility.

Deck Ovens- Deck-ovens are perfect for bread-oriented items like pizza shops and bakery shops as these types of commercial deck ovens different from above two ovens, bottom of deck oven lined with heavy stone shelf which cooks the food directly placing over it. This stone oven gives traditional hearth to the breads which cannot be achieved by other ovens. The deck oven is called oven of choice as it requires long pre-heating time. These commercial deck ovens can be operated by gas or electricity too.

Combi Ovens- Multi-functional oven that allows different dishes to be cooked together using the same kind of cooking method. Different mode of cooking includes, baking, grilling, steaming etc. Recipes / Customized recipes are stored in the menu. It also comes with automated washing function as well to ensure the cleanliness of the machinery.

Commercial Speed Microwave- Speed Microwave basically meant for commercial purpose, as the name defines these are designed to heat up things on high speed than the regular microwaves with different functions.

Waffle maker- Originated in 14th century, were constructed of two hinged iron plates connected to two long iron wooden handle later became more prevalent, its appearance was improved. Contemporary era offers multiple choices like some have thin waffle maker, in terms of shapes like square, round, waffle making cones.

Dough Sheeter – Frequently used in the baking industry to roll pieces of dough sheets to the required thickness. This makes the job easier than doing it manually via hand.