Deep Fryer / Noodle Boiler / Soup Boiler

Tabletop, Standing Deep Fryers-  A deep fryer is an appliance used in F&B industry that fry food items immersing them in boiling cooking oil, it is one of the typically type of cooking methods used all over the world, even though you can fry on pan, but deep frying is the best way to get crunches in mouth while chewing.

Noodle Boiler- Noodle boilers are mainly designed to render bulky cooking of noodles or pasta. They come with range of features depending on the manufacturer and model, intended to make noodles cooking handy- alarms, digital timers with minimum supervision (Automatic Noodle Boiler), multiple configuration options like hot holding and boiling, steaming. Great quality of stainless steel with 4 heads, 6 heads table-top and standing type with electric and gas support allows great productivity and versatility in cooking all kinds of noodles.     

Soup Boiler- A good Soup Boilers gives always gives the best quality to soup and the user. A best soup pot must be encapsulated with all the basic elements. Stainless steel pot is increasingly popular and is considered as safest pot at affordable prices. The advantage of cooking with stainless steel pot is that it can fast hot and keep heat better than aluminium pot, especially safer than the most types of materials. 304 stainless steel pot set is considered safer.

Heating lamp – Heating lamps are commonly used in commercial kitchens, buffets or other front of the house applications, the main purpose of these lamps are to keep food hot right up until it’s been served on consumer’s table for best customer experience. Hold items with a small surface area like French fries, chicken, breads, and veggies.